The thesis experience

Consisting of a body of work produced in the studio and a written component, the thesis is both culmination of your graduate experience at RISD and a profound catalyst for your future creative practice. You'll uncover the core concepts and rationale for your work through the process of critical making and through organizing and articulating your thoughts in writing. During your final semester at RISD, you'll present your thesis work publicly, as part of RISD's interdisciplinary annual graduate thesis exhibition.

In Formative and Persisting: How the Thesis Lives On, a recent retrospective at Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery, 30 alumni of our graduate programs explored the diverse ways their graduate theses continue to drive their current professional work. Highlighting the transformative power of creative inquiry, these alumni reveal that many of the questions they were asking themselves and their peers as RISD students are still central to their careers today. You'll find a few examples of their work below.

A closer look at The thesis experience at RISD