Campus housing and dining

Graduate students may apply for on-campus housing. If you choose to live on campus, you will be given preference in choosing housing at Charles Landing, a 120-unit apartment complex just north of the central campus that offers studio, one- and two-bedroom units. It is the only on-campus housing area that remains open during the winter break in December and is also available during the summer, providing the option for year-round living. If you'd prefer to look for housing off campus, check out the off-campus living guide.

You'll find a wide variety of great food across a variety of campus locations. RISD Dining is focused on the stewardship of natural resources and promotes recycling, energy efficiency and purchasing local products.

Applying for on-campus housing

Once we receive your enrollment deposit, you will receive a RISD email account and further instructions for accessing information about housing and using RISD’s Housing Portal to complete your housing application. The deadline to submit a housing application is June 1.

Fall housing assignments will be confirmed by August 1 via your RISD Gmail account.

Graduate students attending summer programs who wish to reside on campus must complete the online housing application by June 1. If you wish to live in on-campus housing for the summer term only, or both summer and the academic year, you must complete a housing application for each term you plan to live on campus. Your summer housing assignment will be confirmed by mid-June via your RISD email account.

For questions pertaining to housing, contact the Residence Life Office at or 401 454-6650.

Understanding our meal plans

Among our available meal plans, the Connect 3-25 Plan is specifically designed with the needs of graduate students in mind. Eligible students interested can add a meal plan at the Housing Portal. Changes or cancellations are only allowed during the first two weeks of the semester. Funds remaining on a meal plan after fall semester are carried over to spring semester in the same academic year. At the end of the academic year any remaining balance will be forfeited. Meals are not carried over from semester to semester.

Students may also purchase risdbucks to add points to their ID cards. This on-campus tender provides a 10% discount on purchases at RISD Dining locations and can be used at several local merchants. risdbucks carry over year to year and any balance (minus $35) is refunded at the end of your schooling.

You can learn more about our menus, meal plans, locations and food philosophy at

If you have a food allergy, please make sure to register that information with Health Services. If your allergy requires a special diet or if there are specific concerns about what is available for you on campus, please contact Pierre St-Germain, Associate Director at or 401 454-6362.

Purchasing a meal plan is at your discretion. Off campus students are not required to have a meal plan and graduate students living on campus are also not required to be on a meal plan (unless you live on campus for the Summer Experimental and Foundation Studies program).

Campus dining locations

Located in the primary residential quad, The Met is the largest dining hall on campus, with menus that change daily and offer a wide selection of freshly prepared items—including traditional, vegetarian and vegan options. You will also find the following dining options on campus:

If you have any questions, RISD Dining + Catering can be reached at 401 454-6360.